Benefits of A GPS Fleet System

Company Benefits

  1. Higher customer retention: Detailed tracking reports can provide information on the length and time of service stops and deliveries leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.
  2. Customer dispute resolution: Irrefutable data provides all the information required to assess the company's service performance.
  3. Improved customer relations: Customers can be given proof that the company's service was delivered as promised.
  4. Immediate cost savings: Get immediate reductions in fuel and maintenance costs by controlling speed and the activities of drivers. Unproductive use of the vehicle as well as abuse is substantially reduced.
  5. More sales: Increase the number of sales calls. Increased productivity leads to more sales. Service more customers with the same number of vehicles.
  6. Lower overtime costs: More efficient utilization of vehicles results in reduction of payroll and overtime.
  7. Training: Easy identification of vehicles not being operated efficiently. This information can be used on training to improve efficiency and productivity.
  8. Efficiency: Accurate information providing the facts. With the facts available, appropriate action plans can be implemented to improve business efficiency.
  9. Administrative: Tracking reports can be used as an accurate record for time sheets and customer logs ? no more uncertainties in this regard.
  10. Insurance: By reducing excessive speeds and travel in unauthorized areas accidents and the risk of vehicle theft are reduced. With reduced claims, your insurance premiums are reduced.
  11. Maintenance: Reduced your fleet maintenance costs because total fleet mileage is reduced and driving behavior is improved.
  12. Peace of mind: Knowing where you vehicles have been when they were out-of-sight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week increases your confidence that the vehicles are being used responsibly and representing your company in the best possible way.

Employee Benefits

  1. Protection against false customer claims: Irrefutable data that shows when and where each vehicle has traveled and stopped. This protects the employee against false accusations of late deliveries or arrival to scheduled stops.
  2. Hands-free logbook: No need for drivers to record their mileage and customer call logs, saving time and enabling drivers to focus on delivering outstanding service.
  3. After-hours vehicle usage: Ability to allow employees to take vehicles home without fear of after hours usage can result in more efficient utilization of vehicles. Employees can be authorized to use vehicles for short trips without fear that they are driving hundreds of miles.
  4. Increased bonuses: Increased saving can translate to better employee bonuses.
  5. New incentives: New driver incentive plans based on productivity can now be introduced.
  6. Increased driver safety: The incidence and severity of accidents and driver fatalities increases disproportionately with speed. Encouraging driving within speed limits improves road safety.

Equipment Owner Benefits

  1. Monitor equipment hours: Track how many hours the equipment is being used.
  2. Increase rentals and leases: Rent and lease to customers who you previously were not wanting to rent or lease to because of poor credit or being unable to trust the customer with your equipment.
  3. Increase profit and revenue: Increased rentals and leases and reduced downtime and maintenance equals bottom line profits!
  4. Verify equipment utilization: You have a need for a piece of equipment at one job site, but the equipment is currently being used at another job site. Or is it? Looking at your GPS report will let you know if the equipment is being utilized or if it is idle.
  5. Decrease maintenance costs and downtime: Equipment is at a job site for a longer than expected time. Employees are unaware that it has come time for the scheduled maintenance. The equipment breaks down because it was not properly maintained and now it is not available for use.
  6. Automate equipment maintenance: Alerts are sent to management when preset equipment hour thresholds are met.
  7. Know where your equipment goes: Once your equipment is rented, see where it is used.
  8. Disable starter: Equipment rental agreement has expired but you are not ready to pick up the equipment. Stop unauthorized use of equipment remotely from your computer by disabling the starter.
  9. Recover lost, stolen or abandoned equipment: With GPS installed in your equipment, know where your equipment is and where it goes.

Increase employee productivity and profits

  1. Increase revenue and bottom line profit
  2. Reduce overtime
  3. Eliminate moonlighting and side jobs
  4. Reduce dangerous driving habits such as speeding
  5. Prevent unauthorized after hours use
  6. Control fuel spending
  7. Stop asset and product theft
  8. Reduce payroll costs
  9. Reduce customer complaints
  10. Prevent billing errors
  11. Correct excessive waiting times or excessive time spent at the office
  12. Reduce miles driven
  13. Improve routing efficiency
  14. Increase employee productivity
  15. Reduce insurance premiums
  16. Monitor equipment utilization
  17. Decrease maintenance costs
Increase business security measures:
  1. Track missing vehicles, boats, trucks, construction equipment, and people.
  2. Track valuable cargo and equipment
  3. Confirm deliveries real time
  4. Reduce the potential for product diversion
  5. Reduce employee theft of time
  6. Reduce speeding tendencies in drivers
  7. Increase driver safety, reducing potential for accidents and reducing insurance premium
  8. Recover stolen, lost or abandoned equipment
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